Play! Vocabulary 2.0 release

Written by Trong Tran The

December 28, 2016

Following the successful first version, the new version of Play! Vocabulary will be released with many new utilities more attractive and support user in the best way to use the app.


              The new appearance of Play! Vocabulary

First to mention is the number of words in each level and category are more adapted to not create boredom for player. In addition the, list of words in each level and category will be displayed to player to shape the words will appear when playing.


Each level has 30 words. To play at next level, user must complete 50% the previous level. The list of words is displayed together with feature definition and pronunciation.


Section 42 theme categories to player download, from familiar like school, family, bird to unfamiliar topics like Universe, Information Technology,… These topics of mutual independence, the player can download and play any one category of interest.

Followed by account creation feature. User will create one personal account to help people connect with one another easier.


To create your own account, simply enter your email and password as intructed. It’s very easy, right?

Search friend is new function of version 2. Your friend list will be arrangement in order of highest to lowest points. So it would be great if you lead that list right? Try your best and playing a lot to always be the leading!


Ranking player worldwide and ranked players in your firend list.

The setting support player in listening pronunciations, speed reading. User can select the language US or UK and read speeds at different rates, depending on abilities listening and interests of each person.


In addition, user can aslo select the speed at the time playing practise time limit. New player can choose high time to get acquainted. Or you can choose faster time mode to challenge yourself. The words will no longer be the default in 7s as before, but instead you can play in 2s or 20s, depending on your choice.

Dictionary has also been upgraded with many different languages so that user have more choice as German, Korean, Japanese,…


Remain faithful to the purpose of the application is to help  user improve voccabulary and bring them pleasurable feeling comfortable, it hopes the new feature above wii create a new feel for the people play since learning becomes easier.

You can download the app from Play Store

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