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TechLead is a Technology company established in 2019, headquartered in Vietnam. TechLead has experienced more than 6 years of development, we have more than 50 high-quality employees with 200+ completed projects. TechLead's success comes not only from the application of advanced technology but also from the way we perceive and use technology as a core element to create sustainable value for customers and society.


In the current digital era, technology is not only a technical factor to solve problems but also a core solution to help increase sustainable value for the development of businesses.

TechLead was born with the mission of providing software development solutions to help partners and customers apply 4.0 technology in business activities to optimize processes, personnel, business operations and develop beyond step.

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TechLead was founded by 2 members with more than 10 years of experience working at a French multinational IT corporation. In the first phase, TechLead operated with nearly 10 technology engineers.


After 1 year , TechLead and its staff gradually stabilized, continuously succeeding with projects, receiving high appreciation from customers and partners.


Following the success of TechLead projects, many customers trust them with large-scale and key projects. TechLead’s partners during this period come mainly from France and Sweden.


Developing and improving processes, TechLead’s engineering team has nearly 20 high-quality technology engineers. With the success of the projects, TechLead expands its market towards domestic customers.


After nearly 5 years of operation with nearly 50 members and more than 200+ completed projects, TechLead has perfected its human resources system and quality management process to be ready to conquer global projects.


TechLead is constantly developing its team, training human resources, and leading technology trends in today’s digital age.



By 2029, TechLead will become a Technology company specializing in consulting and providing market-leading technical solutions. We will build a strong network of 5 branches in Vietnam and expand our influence to key markets in Southeast Asia.



TechLead pioneers in providing the most optimal solutions that bring efficiency and cost savings to meet the increasing and diverse needs of individuals and businesses in today’s digital era.


Becoming a leading software development solution provider for domestic and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, applying 4.0 technology and progressing to 5.0 in business operations to help optimize processes, personnel, and operations. The business’s growth has been remarkable.


For partners and customers

  • Responsibility: TechLead commits that all of our projects and products comply with quality and safety processes and standards.
  • Dedicated: TechLead’s staff is always dedicated and thoughtful in serving customers, listening to partners to understand their needs and provide the most optimal solutions.
  • Efficiency: TechLead’s products and services are designed and developed to bring the most optimal solution, in the fastest time to customers.
  • Savings: TechLead provides technology solutions that help optimize processes for partners and customers, helping them save costs and increase the efficiency of business operations.

For corporate human resources

  • Creative people : TechLead understands that people are the core value of the business. We always strive to create conditions and encourage employees to express their creativity.
  • Dedicated to customers: TechLead is proud of its talented, dedicated and creative staff. Committed to continuing to develop and improve service quality to bring maximum satisfaction to customers.
  • Continuous innovation: Techlead has always placed continuous innovation at the heart of its business model. Continuous innovation not only brings differentiation and competitiveness to businesses but also helps us maintain and develop our position in the market.
  • Optimize performance: Constantly looking for ways to optimize your work performance is something that TechLead constantly improves, from applying new technology to improving work processes.



đội ngũ nhân viên Techlead

Tran The Trong

CEO & Founder

đội ngũ nhân viên Techlead

Nguyen The Tuyen

CTO & CO-Founder

đội ngũ nhân viên Techlead

Pham Quyet Thang

Project Lead

nhân sự techlead

Pham Xuan Loc

Principle Developer

đội ngũ nhân viên Techlead

Bui Ngoc Minh

Principle Mobile Developer

đội ngũ nhân viên Techlead

Pham Thanh Trung

Principle Mobile Developer

nhân sự TechLead

Nguyen Van Tien

Principle UI/UX Designer

nhân sự TechLead

Nguyen Thi Chung

Human Resource Manager

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