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TechLead is a Technology company established in 2019, headquartered in Vietnam. TechLead has experienced more than 6 years of development, we have more than 50 high-quality employees, with 200+ completed projects. We specialize in providing software solution consulting services for domestic and foreign businesses.


Software Development Outsourcing Services

Our seasoned developers are committed to aligning products with business goals, concentrating on user-centered design, comprehensive features, stability, and ongoing support and maintenance

Custom Software Development Services

TechLead’s experience and flexible methods include back-end and front-end development to solve specific problems and goals of each business. TechLead is committed to providing the highest quality custom software products, delivering productivity at work and satisfying every customer.

Offshore Software Development

TechLead provides offshore software development services, where TechLead uses its knowledge and experience to provide customers with high quality software solutions at affordable prices and on delivery. on time.

Website Application Development

Leveraging our vast experience, we create amazing experiences and real value for your customers and your business. We prioritize UI/UX and usability, ensuring fast and cross-browser compatibility, while ensuring the highest security standards for our customers. TechLead is committed to providing the most optimal solutions, from initial ideas to finished products.

Mobile App Development

TechLead creates and develops a quality mobile platform, with an easy-to-use and eye-catching user interface, TechLead focuses on cross-platform compatibility with regular updates and security measures excellent, helping customers use flexibly and increase competitive advantage in the market.

Enterprise software development

TechLead provides modern and secure web application development solutions with advanced technologies and methodologies tailored to our clients’ business processes and requirements. Understanding user behavior and experience is our goal in designing and developing web applications.

Software Development Consulting Services

The digital age is increasingly developing, opening up great opportunities for businesses. To succeed in this fiercely competitive environment, businesses need a suitable strategy and software plays a key role in implementing that strategy. TechLead is proud to provide software development consulting services by the most experienced experts.

Software Maintenance And Support

To conquer the complexity of modern software, the key lies in mastering the importance of software maintenance and support. Join TechLead to explore the essential role these services play in ensuring software not only meets current needs but also flexibly adapts to potential future challenges.

Hire Software Developers

Software programmer hiring service is a service model in which businesses hire a team of external programmers to develop, maintain or upgrade software according to specific needs. Instead of building and managing their own internal IT team, businesses can cooperate with companies providing professional programmer services to save costs, time and resources.


TechLead is a software development unit and provider of outsourcing services based in Vietnam. We have 120+ customers in the US, France, Sweden, Vietnam… who have been using products/services at TechLead.

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After more than 6 years of establishment and development, TechLead has been trusted and appreciated by domestic and foreign partners, customers.


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