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TechLead provides leading mobile application development solutions with the best technology and employees. Choose TechLead to optimize your business operations.

You are looking for a reputable and quality mobile application development company

TechLead has 6 years of experience operating in the field of mobile application development with a team of professional and reputable staff. We believe we are the top choice for customers looking for a reputable mobile application development service provider that can help you achieve your business goals successfully and efficiently.

Mobile application development services we provide

We continuously provide leading mobile application development solutions, from design to implementation and post-project support. Our motto is to always put customer satisfaction first to create the best results from concept, design to delivery and continuous support.

  • iOS app development
  • Custom Ipad app development
  • Android app development
  • UX/UI design
  • Consulting and support throughout the project process
  • Prototyping
  • Monitoring and tracking power use
  • Automated testing and QA
  • After-sale service and care

How can we assist you with the services we are offering?

TechLead with team of top UI/UX designers, we ensure the most flexible and easy-to-use iPhone application development. We possess the resources and skills needed to turn your vision into reality, ensuring that every iPhone app developed strictly adheres to iOS requirements.

  • Design and Development of iOS Applications
  • Development of iPad Apps
  • Development of Apple Watch apps
  • App development for Apple TV’s App Clips

TechLead with the significant increase in the number of Android-based mobile device users, we are committed to accompanying our customers to stay updated with the latest industry trends and developments.

  • Development of Android Mobile Apps
  • Creation of mobile applications for Android TV, Tablet, and Wearables

By acquiring high-quality mobile applications that work across multiple platforms, we help you serve your customers with an application that is compatible with their operating system, enhancing the convenience and speed of their experience user.

  • Apps for iOS run on various platforms
  • Apps for Android run on various platforms
  • Applications may be used on any device

How will the process of developing a mobile app play out?


Receiving client’s requests


Breaking down ideas and
project analysis


 Presenting MVP








User acceptance testing



A wide range of systems to be optimized with mobile app development at TechLead

The explosion of web applications and the application of advanced technologies are the key to creating powerful, effective and groundbreaking web applications. These technologies not only increase application functionality but also open up new horizons for user experience and business solutions.

Native App for Mobile Devices

Native mobile apps are designed and optimized for each separate mobile operating system (iOS, Android), ensuring a smooth and stable user experience. Developing a single native app instead of two separate apps for iOS and Android saves investors significant costs and time.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

TechLead with a unique code base, the team of programmers at TechLead is capable of developing highly localized mobile applications and solutions. Therefore, businesses can respond to user needs flexibly and quickly.

Add-on for Modern Wearable Devices

The explosive development of technology is having a strong impact on every aspect of life, in which the trend of switching from traditional watches to smart watches is becoming increasingly evident. Instead of simply displaying the time, smart watches are now equipped with many advanced features such as virtual assistants, health monitoring, connecting notifications from the phone,… to meet diverse needs. user type. The advent of customized electrical devices and peripherals also contributes to this transformation trend.

Hybrid Apps for Different Devices

Today, we are surrounded by countless smart devices. Each device has its own advantages and functions, serving the diverse needs of users. However, managing information and synchronizing data across different platforms can become complicated. Hybrid applications were born as the optimal solution to this problem. Thanks to hybrid apps, you can easily access information, perform operations, and synchronize data across every device you own


Customer Satisfaction

Web Apps



Utilize the latest technologies to boost your digital experience

Big data

TechLead has advanced software solutions, now you can easily capture all the necessary data with just a few simple steps. We help you completely eliminate manual data entry tasks and help improve customer experience more effectively.

Internet of things

With the support of IoT devices, you can easily track your actions quickly and securely. This system allows comprehensive and detailed data collection, meeting all your needs. Thanks to the ability to collect accurate and complete data, IoT helps you effectively grasp market trends, thereby making wise and timely decisions, enhancing competitive advantages for businesses and consumers. related parties.

Artificial intelligence

AI opens a new era for our lives. Instead of interacting directly with humans, customers can now easily find information, answer questions or receive personalized advice through virtual assistants. Thanks to its ability to process huge information and learn from user preferences, AI can provide a more convenient, efficient and optimal shopping experience than ever before.

Cloud computing

Migrating and storing data from a physical device to the cloud will be simple if we support you. With modern cloud solutions, we can help you build a flexible and networked work environment with ease and convenience.

Why TechLead for your mobile app development project?

Provider of Top – Notch services

We will analyze the project needs and specific roles of the vacancy, ensuring to recruit the most suitable talent for the partner business. Establish a detailed set of recruitment criteria, including technical skills, work experience, personality and ability to integrate. From there, determine appropriate recruitment channels, estimate time and resources for the recruitment process.

Reasonably priced Services

We provide high-quality mobile application development services, which come at reasonable prices. Ensure customer satisfaction from project implementation to project completion and maintenance.

Personalize user interactions

By adopting a data-driven customer approach, we’re able to consistently develop smart and simple features that deliver a tailored experience for each customer.

Respect personal privacy and protect personal information

For us, the privacy and protection of customers’ personal information always plays the most important role in the project implementation process, customers will ensure trust and peace of mind during the work process with us.

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all customers

Our working goal is not only to provide customers with the best service experience but also to ensure satisfaction for all customers.


TechLead’s set of technologies for eCommerce industry

Front end






















Google Cloud

Engagement Models for Offshore Software Outsourcing

Explore our outsourcing model and you will see the flexibility and efficiency of solutions designed specifically to meet the specific needs of each business.

Adaptable Time & Material Contracts

The time & materials contract model can bring outstanding flexibility to your software project. This model allows you to pay based on the actual hours worked by your development team and ensures you only pay for what is absolutely necessary.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Seek an agile approach to software testing
  • Need for flexibility across projects and teams
  • Ask for a comprehensive view of the budget and testing process

Staff Augmentation

Augmenting internal staff by collaborating with offshore developers is a very popular outsourcing model. This partnership allows businesses to access global talent and create a comprehensive growth trajectory.

The model is suitable for businesses

  • Diversity of jobs and roles
  • Need support for diverse projects
  • Continuous and complex tasks

Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team acts as an extension of your business, focused entirely on a common goal. Thanks to our understanding of the nature of the project, we provide a complete solution that meets your expectations. We are committed to delivering outstanding products that not only meet but also satisfy all expectations.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Businesses look for cost-effective project solutions
  • Businesses want long-term cooperative relationships
  • Businesses want to focus on their goals and core strengths

Project-Based Approach

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, our Project-Based Model is the way to go. From the germination of your idea to its execution, we manage every detail. This model offers a simplified, streamlined process, culminating in a fully functional, market-ready application.

Ideal for Businesses that

  • Seek predetermined budgets and scopes
  • Work on tight deadlines
  • Have clear, predefined objectives and project outlines

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