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Explore our outsourcing model and you will see the flexibility and efficiency of solutions designed specifically to meet the specific needs of each business.

Hire the Best Software Developers for Rapid Product Acceleration

The digital technology market is witnessing explosive development at breakneck speed, strongly impacting every industry and field of life. Therefore, the demand for software solutions is increasing, promoting the strong development of the software programmer services market.

Software programmer hiring service is a service model in which businesses hire a team of external programmers to develop, maintain or upgrade software according to specific needs. Instead of building and managing their own internal IT team, businesses can cooperate with companies providing professional programmer services to save costs, time and resources. In general, the service of hiring software programmers is an effective solution to help businesses optimize their potential, increase operational efficiency, enhance competitiveness and make breakthroughs in the digital era.

TechLead is proud to be a partner providing reputable, quality software programmer hiring services with more than 6 years of experience. We have an impeccable track record that demonstrates our commitment to quality. Our team of experienced experts will help you reach and attract leading software developers in Vietnam. Each candidate goes through a rigorous selection process, ensuring they possess outstanding professional skills and outstanding innovation ability.

Our Software Developers

We are proud to introduce a team of leading software developers with extensive expertise and extensive experience in many technology fields, always ready to bring the most optimal and advanced software solutions.

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Tailored Services for Your Software Development Needs

We are proud to introduce a team of leading software developers with extensive expertise and extensive experience in many technology fields, always ready to bring the most optimal and advanced software solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a very effective IT outsourcing model that can bring significant benefits to a business. This model is ideal for businesses that need to fill temporary staffing gaps or require specialized skills for certain project phases. Businesses can access global talent and maintain cost control over resources.

The employee growth model not only helps businesses reduce costs for the recruitment process but also helps businesses focus on their current important tasks.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Diversity of jobs and roles
  • Need support for diverse projects
  • Continuous and complex tasks

Dedicated Development Team

This model is a typical example of software development as a service. The business will hire a group of experts, no need to know each person’s specific role, just make a request. The outsourcing partner will be responsible for assigning work to each person.

The dedicated team development model is suitable for long-term projects with a constant workload, it promotes collaboration and shared goals between internal and external teams.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • There are many software development projects at the same time
  • Need a long-term business partner with software testing expertise
  • Want a dedicated team aligned with business goals

Adaptable Time & Material Contracts

The time & materials contract model can bring outstanding flexibility to your software project. This model allows you to pay based on the actual hours worked by your development team and ensures you only pay for what is absolutely necessary.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Seek an agile approach to software testing
  • Need for flexibility across projects and teams
  • Ask for a comprehensive view of the budget and testing process

Project-Based Model

The project-based model provides a complete outsourcing solution, which is an optimal solution for independent projects. With this approach, you will entrust all project management and implementation responsibilities to a professional development team. This is the ideal choice for independent projects, with clear requirements that do not change during implementation. The outstanding benefits of this model are minimal customer involvement, clearly defined budgets and scope, and optimized business performance.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Businesses want to save costs
  • Enterprises have clear goals and project outlines
  • Businesses need to complete projects quickly

The Advantages of Hiring Software Developers

In the exciting digital technology era, software plays a key role in driving business success. However, building your own team of professional programmers requires huge financial resources and time, which not all businesses can meet. The optimal solution to this problem is the service of hiring software programmers, which brings countless practical benefits, helping businesses break through and conquer all their goals.

No Hiring Stress, Maximum Expertise

Finding and recruiting high-quality IT staff is a challenging and time-consuming process. Hiring software developers helps businesses save time and effort on recruitment, while ensuring they have a team of highly specialized and experienced programmers.

Cost-Effectiveness Redefined

Hiring software developers helps businesses save costs effectively compared to building their own internal IT team. Businesses do not need to pay for recruitment, training, human resource management, facilities, etc. costs, but only focus on paying for developer rental services when there is an actual need. Hired software developers will help businesses optimize software development costs, bringing clear economic benefits.

Agile Project Development for Rapid Success

In the dynamic world of technology, agility is key. Software developers for hire offer the flexibility to adapt, innovate, and iterate swiftly. Your projects evolve at the pace of your vision, ensuring rapid development and deployment.

Faster Development and Deployment,
Competitive Advantage

Experienced software developers can help businesses speed up software development and deployment, bringing products to market more quickly. Thanks to this, businesses can effectively dominate the market and create a competitive advantage over competitors.

Seamless Integration, Meeting Customer Demands

Hired software developers can work closely with other departments within the business to ensure software is developed and deployed seamlessly, optimally meeting customer needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions with a Vietnamese Team

Hiring software developers helps businesses minimize the risk of violating labor and tax regulations. Businesses do not need to worry about issues such as signing labor contracts, paying social insurance, personal income tax, etc. for software developers.

Our comprehensive Hiring process for Top Software developers

Step 1: Shape the Strategic Talent Vision

We will analyze the project needs and specific roles of the vacancy, ensuring to recruit the most suitable talent for the partner business. Establish a detailed set of recruitment criteria, including technical skills, work experience, personality and ability to integrate. From there, determine appropriate recruitment channels, estimate time and resources for the recruitment process.

Step 2: Unearthing Gems Across Diverse Channels

We take advantage of reputable recruitment websites, social networks and programmer communities to reach potential candidate sources. Participate in job fairs to meet candidates directly and introduce the working environment at TechLead. Besides, we cooperate with prestigious universities to recruit students with excellent abilities. Additionally, encourage employees to refer candidates who fit TechLead’s culture and values.

Step 3: The human touch – Insightful HR Conversations that Transcend Boundaries

We make initial contact with candidates to initially assess communication skills, attitude and compatibility with company culture. From there, evaluate in detail the candidate’s professional knowledge, work experience and problem-solving ability. Assign practice exercises related to the recruitment position to assess the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

Step 4: Decoding Expertise – A Technical Odyssey of Skill Assessment

We assess fundamental knowledge of programming, algorithms, data structures, and related technologies. Provide a clear assessment of the candidate’s programming ability, logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. From there, evaluate the candidate’s creativity, independent thinking and desire to learn
new technologies.

Step 5: Combination of talents – A Symphony of Skills and Passion

We evaluate the candidate’s personality, ability to integrate, team spirit and working attitude. Besides, evaluate the candidate’s level of passion for programming, interest in work and desire for personal development. Evaluate the candidate’s leadership potential, ability to inspire and lead a team.

Step 6: Correct Pairing – Matching Minds with Projects through Analytics and Leadership Insight

From analyzing assessment results to selecting candidates who best fit the position and company culture, we pair candidates with projects that match their skills, experience and interests. Build a personal development plan for each candidate, helping them maximize their potential.

Step 7: The big reveal – Initiating Your Project’s Journey

We welcome new candidates to TechLead, introduce them to the company culture, and help them integrate quickly. Provide a systematic training program to help candidates become familiar with the working environment and new technologies.

Elevate Your Projects with TechLead Exceptional Software Developers

Elite talent, outstanding results

Our team of programmers is carefully selected, possessing extensive professional knowledge and extensive experience in diverse software development. We are committed to bringing you innovative, effective software solutions that meet all your needs. With a spirit of professionalism, dedication and high responsibility, TechLead always strives to bring customers the highest quality software products.

Powering Progress with AI

TechLead applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the software development process, helping to automate manual tasks, optimize work efficiency and shorten project completion time. Thanks to AI, we can focus on creative work and deliver greater value to our customers.

Extensive expertise and experience

TechLead owns a team of experienced programmers with extensive knowledge of the most advanced software technologies. We have successfully implemented hundreds of software projects for a variety of industries, from simple to complex, meeting all customer needs.

Leading technology

TechLead always updates the most advanced software technology on the market, ensuring that the software developed for your business always meets the most stringent requirements. We apply the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud,… to software development, helping businesses optimize operational efficiency, improve productivity and increase profits.

Continuous support

At TechLead, customers always come first. We provide dedicated service and thoughtful customer support throughout the process of using the service. Our team of professional consultants will always be ready to answer all customer questions quickly and effectively. Furthermore, TechLead provides timely support services after delivering the software, ensuring that the software always operates stably and meets all customer needs.

Seamless time zone alignment

TechLead is proud to become a partner of many countries around the world. Thanks to this, we can provide 24/7 software development services, ensuring project progress is always maintained seamlessly, regardless of time zone. We always focus on effective communication and smooth coordination among team members, ensuring the project is completed on schedule and meets all customer requirements.

Proven workflow, guaranteed success

TechLead applies a methodical, professional software development process, proven through many successful projects. We always adhere to the highest quality standards in the software industry, ensuring software products are developed effectively and safely. With a systematic and professional working process, TechLead is committed to providing customers with high-quality software solutions, meeting all needs and ensuring absolute satisfaction.

TechLead’s set of technologies for eCommerce industry

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Google Cloud

Hire Software Developers Through TechLead

By providing working models that suit your needs, we are committed to delivering quality products that fully meet your business requirements and exceed your expectations.

Step 1: Crafting The Ideal Blueprint – Defining your developer needs

We will thoroughly discuss with you your project goals, technical requirements and budget to determine your exact developer needs. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities needed for the project, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, devOps programmers, etc. Assess the skills and experience needed for each role to Make sure the developer is capable of completing the job well.

Step 2: Precision screening and insightful interviews –Selecting the best fit

We access potential candidates through many different channels such as recruitment websites, social networks, introductions, etc. From there, we make a preliminary assessment of candidate profiles based on skills, experience, and expectations. projects participated in and other relevant factors. Conduct face-to-face or online interviews with potential candidates to evaluate professional skills, logical thinking ability, working attitude and compatibility with company culture.

Step 3: Seamless integration – Bringing your developers onboard

We provide new developers with complete information about the project, workflow, company culture and necessary support tools. Promote effective communication and collaboration among team members, ensuring smooth coordination and consistency in the software development process. Provide ongoing support and training to developers so they can improve their skills and get the job done.

Step 4: Cultivating cohesion – Building your high-performing team

We create an open working environment that encourages creativity and collaboration, helping developers feel comfortable and attached to the company. Recognize and reward developers’ contributions, motivating them to work more effectively. Provide learning and professional development opportunities for developers, helping them improve their skills and self-worth.

Step 5: Unleashing potential – Empowering your developers for success

We believe in developers’ abilities and give them autonomy in their work, encouraging them to take initiatives and solve problems creatively. Give developers the tools and resources they need to do their best work. Enable developers to share their opinions and feedback, helping to improve workflows and enhance software quality.

Step 6: Elevating achievements – Celebrating your team’s success

We evaluate developer performance and measure project success. Reward and congratulate the developer for contributing to the overall success of the project. Draw lessons from the project to improve processes and improve service quality in the future.

What to Seek in Your Software Development Partner

Top Talented Teams

The prerequisite is that you need to find a team of highly qualified programmers, rich in practical experience and extensive understanding of the most advanced software technologies. Evaluate the team’s capabilities through factors such as education level, work experience, completed projects and feedback from customers.

Effective communication skills

Communication plays an important role in ensuring a clear understanding between you and your partner about project requirements, implementation progress and arising issues. Choose a partner who can listen, understand your needs and communicate information clearly and concisely.

Industry expertise

Prioritize partners with extensive experience and expertise in the field related to your software project. Their industry expertise helps them understand the specific needs and challenges of the project, thereby providing optimal and effective solutions.

High security standards

Data security is the most important issue in software development. Make sure your partner has strong security measures in place to protect your data from cybersecurity threats. Learn about the security certifications partners have earned and the security processes they apply to projects.

High English Proficiency

If your project is aimed at the international market, choose a partner who can communicate and work effectively in English. This helps ensure an accurate understanding of your requirements and facilitates collaboration throughout the project.

Time difference

If you cooperate with partners in another country, consider the time zone difference and its impact on communication and work progress. Choose a partner who can arrange suitable working hours to ensure effective cooperation and timely response to your requests.


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