Tailor-Made eCommerce Solutions

With more than 6 years of experience in the field of e-commerce, TechLead is proud to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, specifically designed to meet all business needs. Our team of experienced and dedicated experts is always ready to accompany you throughout your e-commerce development journey.


TechLead with a team of experienced experts and deep understanding of the retail and e-commerce industry, we not only provide technical solutions but also strategic consulting, helping you orient your long-term development and growth.

Build & maintain your
eCommerce system

Better online selling & marketing: We create a seamless shopping experience for our customers, maximize conversion rates, and build lasting customer relationships by providing attentive customer service.

Digitize your operating systems: We provide automation for business processes such as order management, warehouse management, customer relationship management; Analyze e-commerce data to understand customers and improve business data security.

Deliver cost-effective
eCommerce IT services

Fixed-price project: Choose the right technology to innovate & secure your business, as well as bring value to your customers with our IT experts.

Dedicated team: From production team, and development team to QA, and maintenance team, we can fill your staff shortage with highly-skilled IT specialists and help you optimize costs & deliver successful projects.

Our eCommerce Services

We support you through comprehensive technology solutions, from building powerful e-commerce platforms, integrating sales and warehouse management systems, to developing mobile applications User-friendly, include:

Digital commerce consulting

Providing comprehensive e-commerce strategy consulting services, including marketing strategy, sales strategy, customer management strategy, solution and technology consulting for customers.
Consulting on choosing an e-commerce platform that suits customers’ needs and budget.

eCommerce integration

Connect the e-commerce system with other systems in the business to automate processes and improve operational efficiency.
Integrate safe and convenient online payment solutions.
Integrate shipping and delivery services to optimize costs and delivery times.

eCommerce enhancement

Execute multi-channel digital marketing campaigns to attract leads and increase sales.
Analyze e-commerce data to understand customer behavior and make informed business decisions.
Collect and manage customer reviews and feedback to improve service quality.

eCommerce development and modernization

We design and develop beautiful, user-friendly and mobile-optimized e-commerce websites.
Develop e-commerce mobile applications to provide convenient shopping experiences for customers.
Update the latest trends in e-commerce and apply them to customer websites and applications.

Cross-system integration

Connect the e-commerce system with other systems in the business such as warehouse management system, customer management system, etc.
Automate business processes to save time and costs.
Improve business performance by integrating different systems.

Managed services and tech support

Manage projects according to professional processes to ensure the project is completed on schedule and on budget.
Provide 24/7 technical support to answer questions and troubleshoot problems for customers.
Update and maintain websites and e-commerce applications regularly to ensure stable and safe operation.

Why us for eCommerce businesses?

We always accompany you on your digitalization journey, ensuring that every step brings practical value and optimal efficiency.

End-to-end eCommerce solutions

TechLead provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions to deliver a powerful, secure and scalable e-commerce platform to meet your business needs. In addition, providing payment solutions, marketing tools, order management services, and customer support solutions to help you provide the best service to customers.

Working with 1 vendor instead of 5

Save 30% of time selecting, qualifying various vendors

Cut meeting & email writing to focus on more important matters

Affordable, more value
& less headache

We help e-commerce businesses save costs, provide continuous support and minimize risks with a team of professional experts and effective communication.

In-depth technology expertise for eCommerce businesses

We provide our customers with extensive expertise in software development for the eCommerce industry.


With 6 years of experience in the retail and e-commerce field, we not only provide technical solutions but also strategic consulting, helping you navigate long-term and sustainable development.

Extensive knowledge and expertise

TechLead owns a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of retail & e-commerce. We have successfully implemented many projects for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. Understand the latest industry trends and have the ability to apply innovative solutions to help customers achieve their business goals.

Flexible working model & on-time delivery

TechLead offers flexible working models to meet customer needs. We can work on a project basis, provide hourly staffing or provide a full service. Committed to delivering on time and meeting all customer requirements.

Experienced IT human resources team

We have a team of well-trained IT staff with a lot of practical experience. We use the most advanced technologies and frameworks to develop software and provide services. Always update the latest knowledge in the industry to ensure providing the best service to customers.

Competitive price

TechLead provides services at competitive prices in the market. We always strive to optimize working processes to save costs for customers. Providing service packages suitable for every business’s budget.

Dedicated customer service

We always put our customers first and are committed to providing dedicated customer service. We provide 24/7 support to answer all customer questions. Always listen to customer feedback and constantly improve service quality.


TechLead’s set of technologies for eCommerce industry

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Google Cloud


By providing working models that suit your needs, we are committed to delivering quality products that fully meet your business requirements and exceed your expectations.

Step 1: Preparation

To make the project process go as smoothly as possible, we meet and discuss in detail with customers to understand their goals, desires and challenges in the field of media & entertainment. From there, propose a detailed plan for the project, including features, functions and completion time.

Step 2: Gather Information

In step 2, we determine development goals and collect business data and market research from many different sources such as websites, mobile applications, CRM systems. From there, lay an important foundation for the remaining parts of the process.

Step 3: Plan

We design effective strategic solutions for project requirements from the information collected. From there, create a detailed plan for software development, including the technology, platform, and framework that will be used.

Step 4: Implement & Develop

Then, our team of experts will deploy and develop the software according to the established plan to ensure high quality and performance.

Step 5: QA & testing

To ensure the software operates smoothly and without errors, we perform comprehensive quality testing, meeting high quality standards. From there, test the software with real users to gather feedback and improve the user experience.

Step 6: Launch & Maintain

Finally, our team of experts launches the software for customers, monitors its performance, and makes necessary adjustments. In addition, we provide timely customer support and regular updates and maintenance to add new features and ensure smooth operation of the software.

Contact with TechLead

Describe your project and needs of software engineering in short and discuss the ways of collaboration with our team