Dedicated Software Development Team

Employee enhancement a great model for the rapid growth of your business. Let’s refer to TechLead with great processes in providing employee augmentation models for businesses.

Dedicated Development Team Ensuring Outstanding Deliverables

The dedicated software development team model is an organizational model in which a group of software engineers is tasked with developing and maintaining a specific software product. This group operates independently under the leadership of a group leader and is often located in a separate location. This model is often used for large, complex software projects that require high expertise and close coordination among team members.

This model brings many benefits to businesses, including: increased work efficiency, because the team can focus entirely on product development, without being distracted by other tasks. Besides, the team can develop products faster because they can work in parallel.

TechLead is proud to be a leading provider of quality and reputable dedicated development team models. With 6 years of experience in the industry, accompanying many different businesses, we believe we have fulfilled our mission of providing a dedicated development team.

Type of Dedicated Software Development Teams

At TechLead, we provide a variety of team models and services, suitable for many areas of each different business. We use many flexible and perfect methods to provide the best service to our customers, ensuring every customer feels satisfied. Let’s explore how we provide different types of dedicated software development teams.

Dedicated Team Extension

At TechLead, we recognize the unique needs of your business. This model is suitable for businesses that need to expand their existing development team to meet increased demand for products or projects. The dedicated team is supplemented with new members with the right skills to support the existing team.

Standalone Dedicated Team

If you are in need of a dedicated team capable of working and developing comprehensively from project start to project completion, then choose an independent dedicated team. This model is suitable when a business needs to develop a completely new product or project, requiring high expertise and independent focus. Dedicated groups are established separately and operate independently under the leadership of a group leader.

On-Demand Dedicated Team

We offer a dedicated team model to meet the flexible needs of businesses. This model is suitable when businesses need to develop software according to specific requirements in a short time, allowing businesses to make appropriate changes to changes in the business market.

DevOps Enablement

This model integrates software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) activities to create a more seamless and efficient software development and deployment process. A dedicated DevOps team combines skills from both fields to optimize workflows within the business, driving optimal performance.

Full-Service Dedicated Team

This model provides comprehensive software development services, ranging from requirements analysis, design, development, testing to deployment and maintenance. The dedicated team acts as a strategic partner, supporting the business throughout the software product lifecycle.

Diving Deep into TechLead Dedicated Software Development Teams

To ensure the success of your software project, having a dedicated and experienced software development team is extremely important. TechLead is proud to provide a dedicated software development team with all the necessary skills and expertise to meet all your needs.

Project management

TechLead’s experienced project management team will ensure your project is carried out within schedule, budget and scope. They have the ability to plan effectively, manage risks, track progress and coordinate resources effectively.

Front-end Developers

We have professional user interface (UI) developers who create intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use user interfaces that engage users and give them a great experience . They are highly specialized in designing user interfaces suitable for different platforms such as web, mobile applications, and desktop software.

Back-end developer

TechLead’s back-end developers build the core of your software application, ensuring performance, security, and scalability. They have in-depth knowledge of popular back-end programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP and Node.js.

Full-stack Engineers

Our full-stack engineers possess knowledge and skills in both front-end and back-end software, allowing them to work independently and flexibly on projects. They have the ability to quickly absorb new knowledge and adapt to changes in project requirements.

Mobile application developer

With highly specialized mobile application developer skills in developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android operating systems. They have knowledge of cutting-edge mobile technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, React Native, and Flutter.

UX/UI designer

TechLead’s UX/UI designers will focus on creating the best user experience (UX) for your software application. They will research user behavior, design traffic flows, and create prototypes to ensure the app is easy to use and meets user needs.

DevOps engineer

Our DevOps engineers automate software development and deployment processes, helping to shorten time to market and improve operational efficiency. They have knowledge of popular DevOps tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, and Docker.

QA engineer

We have QA engineers who will ensure the quality of your software by performing comprehensive tests and detecting errors. They have knowledge about different software testing methods such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

Business Analyst

TechLead is proud to have experienced business analysts. They will collect and analyze business requirements, then convert them into technical requirements for the development team. They are able to communicate effectively with both the business and technical sides, ensuring the project meets your business goals.

Advantages of Outsourcing an Expert Dedicated Software Development Team

Choosing a quality software development team is one of the crucial factors leading to success for businesses. With 6 years of experience and numerous projects, TechLead proudly stands as a leading reputable provider of this service. Let’s explore further why you should choose TechLead:

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

TechLead offers team leasing services at competitive and transparent prices. Businesses will receive detailed quotes for each task, making budget management easy and facilitating informed decisions.

Versatile Technological Expertise

We have a team of highly experienced software engineers with expertise in various technology domains. Businesses will be advised and supported by expert teams to select the most suitable technology for their needs. TechLead commits to providing a development team capable of meeting all technological requirements, from web and mobile app development to complex enterprise software systems.

International Standards and Local Talent

We select our development team based on international standards to ensure quality and competency for each member. Therefore, businesses will have access to a rich pool of local talent familiar with your culture and target market. TechLead pledges to provide a development team with good English communication skills, ensuring smooth and effective collaboration.

Top Partner Relationships

We maintain close partnerships with leading technology service providers in the industry. Hence, businesses will benefit from our extensive partner network, enabling you to access the latest technologies and optimize operational efficiency.

End-to-End Support

From Start to Finish Support We provide comprehensive support services for businesses from the beginning to the end of the project. Businesses will be advised and assisted in every stage of development, from requirement identification to deployment and software maintenance. TechLead pledges to accompany businesses throughout the development process and ensure the project’s success.

Flexible Interaction and Seamless Integration

Finally, we offer various flexible interaction methods to meet businesses’ needs. Businesses can easily communicate and work with the development team through email, phone, online conferences, or face-to-face meetings. We commit to ensuring seamless integration between the development team and the business, optimizing communication efficiency and collaboration.

How TechLead Assigns a Dedicated Development Team to Meet Your Needs

Step 1: Discovery

The first step is to gather detailed information about the client’s needs, including project goals, technical requirements, budget, and deadlines. We will thoroughly analyze the information collected to determine important factors such as project scale, required skill level, and potential risks. Based on analysis results, propose appropriate solutions, including development team structure, workflow, project roadmap and cost estimates.

Step 2: Proposal Preparation

We create a detailed proposal clearly stating the work items, completion time, costs, contract terms and service quality commitments. Present the proposal to the client in a clear, concise manner and answer any questions they may have. Collect customer feedback and tailor recommendations to their needs.

Step 3: Team Onboarding and SLA Negotiation

After completing the proposal, TechLead will introduce the development team members to the customer, including their professional qualifications, work experience and role in the project. Discuss and agree service targets (SLAs) with customers, including response times, service quality and dispute resolution processes. Sign a service contract with the customer, clearly stating the terms and commitments of both parties.

Step 4: Cooperation Start

Make a detailed plan for the project, assign tasks to team members and start implementing work according to the proposed roadmap. Maintain regular communication with customers to update project progress, resolve emerging issues and ensure customer satisfaction. Identify and evaluate potential risks in the project, develop an effective risk prevention and treatment plan.

Step 5: Track Performance

Finally, we closely monitor the development team’s performance, using appropriate metrics such as project progress, work quality, and customer satisfaction. Evaluate project results after completion, identify successes and limitations to learn from experience for future projects. Continue to improve service quality based on customer feedback and performance evaluation results.

TechLead’s set of technologies for eCommerce industry

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Discover The Differences Between a Dedicated Development Team and Other Outsource Models

TechLead’s highlight is its specialized software development team model. This model emphasizes long-term collaboration, where a dedicated team of engineers will devote their skills and time to support your project. However, we also understand that not everyone prefers such a close collaboration model. Therefore, TechLead offers various alternative models, each with its unique advantages, tailored to specific cases.

Outsource Model

Key Features

Dedicated Development Team

Businesses hire a team of software engineers to work independently at a separate location, managed by a team leader appointed by the business.

Fixed Price Model

Enterprises agree on the price for the entire project before starting, usually applicable to projects with clear requirements and fixed scope.

Time & Material Contracts

Businesses pay based on working time and materials used for the project, suitable for long-term projects that require flexible changes.

Project-Based Model

Enterprises hire suppliers to carry out a specific project with clearly defined scope and requirements and specific output results.





What are the advantages of a dedicated development team model?

Outsourcing has become an important trend in the growing technology industry. Software outsourcing is the activity of hiring another company to provide software products and services or perform some steps to complete a project.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated app development team?

The cost to outsource IT services to an outside company depends on many different factors. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project; developer’s location; type of service; Whether the project is long-term or short-term and additional requirements, the IT costs to outsource will be determined specifically.

What are the criteria for choosing the right dedicated development team model provider for your project?

Choosing a software development outsourcing company requires considering many factors. Here are important factors you should consider:

  • Clearly define your project requirements
  • Research the supplier’s experience and expertise
  • Evaluate the supplier’s ability to communicate and cooperate
  • Evaluate the cost versus the value of the service
  • Determine project flexibility and scalability

How does the company’s personnel selection and training process take place?

Outsourcing is the process of transferring part or all of a work process to an external partner. Processing can be done in the same country or in another country, not necessarily abroad.
Outsourcing is the transfer of part or all of a work process to a partner in another country.
Both models are beneficial in terms of reducing costs and increasing work efficiency. You should consider which model suits your business needs and make a decision.

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