Basic Math

Giới thiệu Basic Math Basic Math là ứng dụng học tập giúp phát huy tối đa tiềm năng tư duy cho trẻ trong độ tuổi từ mầm non, mẫu giáo và lớp 1. Ứng dụng sẽ giúp các bé học và luyện tập với hai phép toán nhân và chia hệ số, cung cấp các […]

Habit of learning English daily With English Vocab

In today’s globalized world, English has become an essential language for communication, education, and employment. Spending time every day to learn with English Vocab can help children to develop their vocabulary, improve their language skills, and boost their confidence in speaking English The time of learning should children spend to learn English a day base […]

Types Of Language Games Appeared In English Vocab

English Vocab offers a variety of language games to help learners improve their English vocabulary. Games include sound and picture matching, word selection, and character rearrangement. What are language games? Language games are educational and entertaining activities designed to help learners of a language improve their skills in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, pronunciation, and more. These […]

4 methods to remember vocabulary efficiently with English Vocab

Improve your English vocabulary with these 4 efficient methods in English Vocab! Learn how to remember new words through repetition, games, pictures and spelling. Why should we learn vocabulary with methods? Learning new English vocabulary can be challenging, but it is an essential part of improving your language skills. Especially when you are a beginner, […]

English Learning With Recommended Vocabulary Topics

English Vocab is an innovative and effective application designed to help children improve their English vocabulary. The app provides an unlimited and plentiful supply of new words by topics, making it easy for children to get used to communicating in English. In this article, we will explore the reasons why learning new words by topics […]

English Vocab – The best way to approach English

English is widely considered the universal language, and being able to communicate effectively in English can open up a world of opportunities. Therefore, learning English has become very important. English Vocab provides an easy and fun way to learn English for kids through games and themed vocabulary. This makes it easier for children to learn […]

Sales and Marketing Recruitment

tin tuyển dụng TechLead

1. Job Description – Develop marketing strategies for company products – Develop potential business strategies – Maintain relationship with customers – Create and present actual reports on the company’s marketing and sales situation – Answer customers’ questions about company’s products – Searching, connecting customers, providing services to customers about technology products – Executing projects, consulting […]


các kỹ năng tester cần có

DESCRIBE Main programming in projects using PHP language Participating in all stages of the software development process: understanding requirements, analyzing, designing, researching new technologies, etc. Join the group management if suitable Specific details will be discussed during the interview Participate in fixing bugs, maintaining websites, upgrading the company’s existing services. Working time: 8:30-18:00 (lunch break […]


tin tuyển dụng TechLead

TechLead Joint Stock Company is recruiting for the position of Recruitment Intern. Location: TechLead Office – 13th Floor, Zen Tower Building – 12 Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi Position: Recruitment Intern Department: Administration and Human Resources Quantity: 01 I. JOB DETAILS Receiving recruitment needs from departments in the Company, making recruitment plans, organizing the […]

Journey To Be A Tester

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5 years – time for a new IT student to lose orientation to become a software tester (Tester) Do you believe that humans are just imitators? … I used to live a life of imitation. When I was in high school, because I saw my friends competing for the Information Technology exam because I heard […]