Recruiting Senior Java Developer

Job description Main programming in projects using Java language. Participate in all stages of the software development process: understanding requirements, analyzing, designing, researching new technologies,… Participate in group management if suitable abilities are available. Specific details discussed during interview. Candidate Requirements Have 4 years of experience with Java. Have knowledge & skills in front-end development […]

Recruit Tester Leader (1-3 years experience)

TechLead Joint Stock Company recruits the position of Tester Leader (1-3 years of experience) Job description Analyze, design test cases, perform tests and report bugs, verify bugs released by the team. Confirm directly with the customer to clarify requirements. Develop a detailed test plan; test scripts and preparation of test data. Manage and lead testers […]

Frontend Developer React Recruitment (2 years of exp)

TechLead Joint Stock Company Recruiting Frontend Developer React (Minimum 2 years of experience). Job description Participate in building and developing Frontend for timekeeping, attendance and internal communication systems on web and mobile using ReactJS and React Native technologies Propose solutions to requirements to complete the work on schedule and with quality Collaborate with other team […]

Recruitment IT Project Manager

TechLead Joint Stock Company Recruitment IT Project Manager Job description Responsible for project management of the company in all stages until project closure including: defining project scope, planning, arranging implementation resources, managing project budget, resource, risk & issues and project progress as agreed with customers to ensure the project is completed on time, in accordance […]

PHP Developer Recruitment (From 3 years of experience)

TechLead Joint Stock Company recruits PHP Developer position (from 3 years of experience) Job description Participate in analyzing, building and developing the company’s software products. Work closely with the quality assurance department to create good products for customers. Work as assigned by Leader / Manager. Details exchanged further during the interview.   Candidate Requirements Graduated […]