Climb the mountain – Rewarding picnic activity.

Written by Trong Tran The

December 3, 2016

Ham Lon is the highest mountain in Ha Noi city so it has other name is “noc nha thu do”.  Distance from Ham Lon mountain to Ha Noi city about 40km. This is an exciting destination to everyone relax after a period stress because of work. Ham Lon has many beautiful sight and fresh air, so you can go there with your friend or your family at weekend.




For us, this is the first time we have gone to Ham Lon in winter. It taken we 1 hour by motorbike to submontane , and then we started climb the mountain and joined happy time together.


After 3 hour, finally we climbed to the top of the mountain. At that time, everyone in a team were very tired and hungry, but both of them feel excited. We share together about our job, love stories and we laugh very much through distance.  We organize barbecue with chicken, beef, corn, sausage,… that food we prepare before at home.


There are Mr. Trọng and Mr. Tuyến. They were playing game with some other member of team. So funny ^^


We had one day of climbing with many unforgettable memories, through tried but very happy. All member of team understand each other more and more united. After day, everyone with mental refreshing to start a new week work effectively.


Ham Lon is very interesting place for picnic. We will comeback here in the nearest day.

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