Meet our friend, Thibault Clement

In Tet 2016, our friends sent many best wishes to us. Thank you all!

Especially, yesterday we were very pleased that Thibault Clement visited us at our new office. Thibault was our colleague at eXo Platform. We worked together in 2 years and he had great contribution to new features of eXo Platform 4, like the new skin addon, and also to the recent release of Juzu 1.0. He came to visit and say goodbye before his trip back to France.

We will miss Thibault much, as many as scores he did in every game we played in Dai Lai Resort, Lang Co Beach or Sun Spa Resort. An amazing athlete! And we know, Thibault will miss his trekking team.

We had a dinner in an old favorite restaurant, recalling our great moments in Vietnam. Dozens of times we drank. The songs we sang. Many trips and places we came!

We also skimmed through the harvest of 2015, and the forthcoming of 2016. His thoughts about the business challenges and the readiness of IT force are good reference to us.

Thank you for all the happy memories! Good luck and hope to see you again, Thibault!

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