Find Pair – Our first Android game

Find Pair is the first Android game released by Sy, the newbie of TechLead. Under the guidance of Trong and Tuyen, two key developers of TechLead, Sy developed the game within 1 month successfully.
In order to help players improve their ability to remember and pay attention, the game offers them various photos which are duplicated and hidden on the same display. Now the mission of players is to find the two (2) photos that are the same. The players can touch and open two (2) photos at one time. If they are a twin, they will be kept open until the game’s over and the players continue to discover others. Otherwise, they will be closed and the players have to remember these positions and find one of the remainings fit with it.

4 levels as easy, medium, hard and very hard

4 levels as easy, medium, hard and very hard

If easy level with 12 photos does not challenge the players’ remember skill enough, let’s play to medium level (16 photos) or hard level (30 photos) or very hard level (36 photos).

The very hard level with 36 photos

The very hard level with 36 photos

The additional benefit as well as the different point of the game is that the players play with your personal photos conveniently. It is easy to create their own collection containing photos of friends, of family or of the memorable journeys.

It’s beneficial for the players not only improving remember skill but also reminding them of the happy moments taken these photos. And they can create competition with others to find the best player, the best person who has the good memory about happy moments together.

Let’s play and rate this game here! TechLead is waiting for hearing your interesting stories!

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