An awesome learning English vocabulary game

Play Vocabulary is awesome learning English vocabulary game. It’s easy to play, useful for kids and English learners. Currently, the game provides up to 25 levels and 19 categories. It also includes dictionary to check the meaning of new words and provide sentence samples propitiously. 

Dictionary integrated in the game

Dictionary integrated into the game

In this game, players shall find and select the redundant letter in seven (7) seconds only. One letter will be added to the word in any position randomly. It’s easy to play with the short word but really big challenging with the long and complex word. Sometimes they click wrong or do not realize the redundant word even though the word is extremely familiar. Experience various feeling moods, players may feel excited when selecting exactly in the new word or complex word but maybe a few minutes later they feel infuriated due to out of time. It’s funny and make players to desire to win themselves again and again.

Time is running out

Time is running out

Players have the right to choose one time only. If choose right, congratulation! Let’s go ahead and enjoy up to 50 words each level. Unluckily if they choose wrong, BOOM!! Stop here! Let’s start again! However, this game offers players a ticket to next level as soon as they select right at least 30% of 50 words each level. And one more benefit is players can play one level many times until correct all because the redundant letter appears random each turn. 

Go to next level when correct more than 30% of 50 words

Go to next level as soon as correcting more than 30% of 50 words

In general, this game is useful and practical for learning and testing English vocabulary. But it should add the pronunciation part and improve its display more. Its current display seems quite simple and little attractive.

Free download and enjoy the game here.

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