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In addition to developing software for customers/partners, TechLead has built and implemented the company’s own products aimed at conquering the European market with utility applications.

Continuous research and development

With a team of high-quality personnel, TechLead completely masters new technologies to provide quality products to the market.


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Dự án ứng dụng tiện ích của Techlead

English Vocab

English Vocabulary is an English learning application developed towards the European market. In English Vocabulary, users can learn basic and advanced vocabulary through game modes such as dual vocabulary, thesaurus, antonym vocabulary, couple vocabulary …

In addition, the application also provides practice exercises with multiple-choice questions and filling in the blanks to help users memorize and use vocabulary flexibly and accurately.

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English Quiz

English Quiz is an application that helps users learn English grammar with a variety of topics, close to life.

English QUIZ uses a game-based learning method to help users be more interested and focused in the learning process. In addition, the application also integrates support features such as pronunciation, listening practice, dictionary lookup to help users quickly improve their language skills.

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Dự án ứng dụng tiện ích của Techlead

Find Pair

Find Pair is an entertainment application that helps children train their memory and concentration. In Find Pair, the player’s task is to find pairs of identical figures in a palette of different images. Through finding and matching pairs, children will train their concentration and memory, as well as enhance their thinking ability and quick reflexes.

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