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TechLead’s partner in this project is a transport company in Vietnam. The main activity of the business is as an intermediary connecting with international freight units. Before coming to TechLead, the enterprise’s data management and operation process was done completely in the traditional way. The customer and order data is stored by the company through the books, leading to a difficult situation in managing order data and order journey.

Transportation management software Transportation is a software designed to manage the freight operations of transportation enterprises. Transportation is the main function of storing customer data so that businesses can quickly and easily optimize their operation and cargo management processes.


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With this project, Techlead was asked to build a transportation management software with features and an easy-to-use interface to help improve transportation efficiency, improve the ability to check the journey and status of goods. in real time. Key customer features include: 

The software is a place to store shipping data, keeping data about orders from customers that businesses manage.

Data governance helps operators manage the time, quantity and journey of orders.

The software helps to control, statistics and manage the costs and profits of the business.

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Transportation helps customers optimize their cargo management and manage big data to the fullest extent. The specific benefits that the software has brought to businesses:

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