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With more than 6 years of experience in the field of custom software development, TechLead is proud to be a reputable partner of businesses nationwide and around the world. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, we are always ready to listen and offer the most suitable software solutions for each business. TechLead is committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient and stable custom software products. From there, promote your interests and enhance the overall user experience, benefiting the business.

TechLead’s approach is to bring about diverse development in many different fields, bringing benefits through improving software quality, reducing operating costs, thereby promoting the benefits of your business and improving the quality of your business. High user experience.

Custom software development crafts technology solutions to precisely fit the distinctive needs of businesses. Unlike commonly available software, TechLead will design based on your business’s requirements, to solve the problems your business faces.

Custom Software Development - Enhance Business Performance!

In the era of booming digital technology, the application of customized software in business activities is inevitable. However, commercially available software does not always fully meet the needs and goals of businesses. Therefore, custom software has become popular as an effective solution to help businesses optimize processes, improve performance and create competitive advantages.

Software Consulting

TechLead’s custom software development begins with providing consulting solutions on methods and technologies suitable for businesses. TechLead specifically analyzes customer requirements, brainstorms potential solutions, and creates strategies to turn customer visions into reality.

Custom Web Application Development

TechLead provides perfect website applications based on customers’ specific requirements, creating uniqueness for your online website. Every app is seamlessly designed, has strong performance, and has a user-friendly interface.

Custom Mobile Application Development

In response to the burgeoning mobile technology sector, TechLead’s services focus on creating fast, intuitive, custom mobile applications. These apps enhance user experience across platforms and devices (iOS, Android, etc.), drive user engagement, and contribute to the growth of your business.

Enterprise Software Development

TechLead provides custom enterprise software solutions to automate and streamline your business operations. Enterprise software development provides business process analysis and easy integration with your existing systems, thereby enhancing operational productivity.

SaaS Application Development

TechLead is a leader in SaaS application development, bringing you advanced cloud-based custom software solutions. Our system integrates safe data backup and recovery features, giving you peace of mind to access anytime, anywhere. This flexible and cost-effective solution is perfect for businesses looking for operational optimization and efficiency.

API Development & Software Integration

TechLead helps different software systems interact seamlessly, ensuring secure, efficient connectivity, enhancing the overall functionality and utility of your software infrastructure. This makes the software ecosystem work seamlessly, automating processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. Our services help make that happen, driving innovation and growth for your business.

Maximizing Business Success with Custom Software Development

Flexibility and Scalability

The flexibility and extensibility of custom software helps it adapt to business needs, ensuring durability and adaptability in a changing business environment.

Fully Tailored Functionality

Custom Develop Applications that are perfectly designed to meet your business requirements. This personalized approach brings greater efficiency and is an ideal choice for achieving business goals quickly.

Competitive Advantage

Using customized software allows businesses to stand out from their competitors. This distinct solution offers a competitive edge that generic, off-the-shelf software solutions simply cannot match.

Optimized Efficiency

Using customized software helps businesses achieve optimal efficiency in business operations, save costs and increase competitiveness in the market.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

The custom software that TechLead provides is seamlessly integrated with existing systems, ensuring smooth operations, minimizing disruption to business processes.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

While the initial investment is sometimes higher, custom software is often cost-effective in the long run and reduces dependence on different vendors.

Adaptability to Technological Changes: Custom software development increases your ability to adapt to new technologies and market trends, ensuring that your business stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

Why Choose TechLead for Your Custom Software Development Needs?

✅ Have a lot of experience in the software field

TechLead possesses extensive experience in the field of providing Offshore and Onshore software solutions. We have witnessed the growth of this industry and actively contributed to it with countless successful projects.

✅ Cost-Effective Solutions with a Vietnamese Team

Cooperating with TechLead is a significant cost-saving solution for businesses. With a team of Vietnamese experts with rich experience and professional knowledge, we are committed to providing high quality services compared to the costs businesses spend.

✅ Leading Technology trends

TechLead is always a pioneer in applying the latest technologies to the software development process. Our team of experts and experienced staff are always up to date with the most advanced technology trends, ensuring your project is always at the forefront of the times.

✅ Agile Methodology for Dynamic Software Development

TechLead possesses a flexible approach that is able to adapt and change according to user needs or operating environments. So, avoid wasting time and costs on custom software development and ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

✅ Latest Technology Stack for Cutting-edge Solutions

With complex projects that require close coordination and continuous improvement, TechLead applies the most flexible methods. This method helps divide the project into small, easy-to-manage parts, ensuring progress and quality are strictly controlled.

Global working network

TechLead’s working network helps partner businesses access high-quality human resources and helps companies work continuously 24/7, ensuring project progress is accelerated and costs are saved. significant for businesses.

✅Secure sensitive information

The element of sensitive information security is one of the key factors in software development services. We are committed to protecting your important information from competitors, avoiding the leakage of important information.

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Pioneering Technologies at the Forefront of Custom Software Development

AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

Using the power of AI & ML, TechLead provides flexible and groundbreaking solutions that adapt perfectly to every customer need. The system has the ability to learn, predict and optimize, providing competitive advantage and superior efficiency.


TechLead leverages the power of cloud technology to bring you groundbreaking software solutions that are scalable, flexible and secure. Our solutions ensure optimized performance, availability and cost savings for businesses.

Data Analysis

Our data analysis services apply the most advanced techniques to transform raw data into valuable information, helping businesses make more informed and effective decisions.


Techlead integrates physical devices with digital interfaces through advanced IoT solutions, we bring you a whole new custom software development experience. This solution enhances connectivity, improves efficiency and collects real-time data.

Industries We Transform

Retail & e-commerce

Media & entertainment

Finance (BFSI)


Internet of everything





Front end

























Google Cloud

Comprehensive Solutions

Are you looking for effective solutions to improve operational efficiency, optimize customer relationships and solve diverse organizational challenges? Explore our comprehensive suite of custom solutions designed specifically for your needs.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enhance your business performance with a comprehensive ERP solution. TechLead’s comprehensive ERP solution is designed to optimize your business operations. The system integrates and automates core processes from procurement to sales, giving you outstanding benefits such as increased operational efficiency, improved visibility and enhanced collaboration between parts.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Our CRM system is specifically designed to optimize interactions with customers and potential customers, helping businesses build strong relationships and increase revenue.

BI (Business Intelligence)

Our Business Intelligence (BI) solution is the key to helping businesses exploit the potential hidden deep in huge data warehouses. Our advanced BI system transforms raw data into intuitive, easy-to-understand information that supports strategic decision making.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management software is designed to help your business solve logistics, inventory and production planning challenges most effectively. Our solutions deliver practical benefits such as reducing costs, improving flexibility and enhancing transparency.

Human Resource Management

Our HR management system is the key to automating and optimizing HR tasks, helping you unleash the potential of your staff. From recruiting and onboarding the right candidates, to continuous performance reviews, to effective payroll management, our system provides a comprehensive solution to optimize data management and drive performance. business results.

Business Process Management Software

Our business process management software provides comprehensive solutions to help you improve operational efficiency and accelerate business growth. With the ability to design, implement, monitor and optimize business processes, the software provides solutions to improve productivity efficiency, automate operational processes and increase flexibility.

Our Custom Software Development Services process

TechLead will begin to receive and analyze specifically customer requests. This is an important stage to accurately determine the needs and desires of customers, from which the technical systems team will analyze customer requirements into specific goals for easy implementation.

Step 1:

Receive and Analyze requirements

Based on analyzed requirements, TechLead will create a specific plan and estimate the time, resources and costs needed for the project.

Step 2:

Project Planning

Step 3:

Development and testing

After the plan is approved, TechLead’s development team will begin building the services provided to customers. Besides, testing activities will be performed to ensure service quality.

Once the software has been accepted and delivered to the customer, TechLead will continue to provide support and maintenance, including bug fixes, updates and upgrades.

Step 4:

Support and maintenance

Navigating Our Engagement Models

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a very effective IT outsourcing model that can bring significant benefits to a business. This model is ideal for businesses that need to fill temporary staffing gaps or require specialized skills for certain project phases. Businesses can access global talent and maintain cost control over resources.

The employee growth model not only helps businesses reduce costs for the recruitment process but also helps businesses focus on their current important tasks.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Diversity of jobs and roles
  • Need support for diverse projects
  • Continuous and complex tasks

Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated development team model is a scalable model that provides a unique solution for long-term projects that require extensive collaboration and high commitment. In this model, our team acts as an extension of your internal team, focusing exclusively on the project at hand and delivering outstanding benefits such as strong collaboration, working towards a common goal. Common goals and a strong focus on expertise help ensure project quality.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Have a long-term project
  • Need long-term cooperation partners and a dedicated team
  • Businesses need economical solutions

Project-Based Model

The project-based model provides a complete outsourcing solution, which is an optimal solution for independent projects. With this approach, you will entrust all project management and implementation responsibilities to a professional development team. This is the ideal choice for independent projects, with clear requirements that do not change during implementation. The outstanding benefits of this model are minimal customer involvement, clearly defined budgets and scope, and optimized business performance.

This model is suitable for businesses:

  • Businesses want to save costs
  • Enterprises have clear goals and project outlines
  • Businesses need to complete projects quickly
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