Use English Vocab to learn IELTS


Written by Toan Vu

August 18, 2023

As you embark on your journey to prepare the IELTS exam, vocabulary acquisition becomes an indispensable component. You might wonder why mastering vocabulary holds such crucial significance. Below are compelling reasons that shed light on the vital role of vocabulary learning and how to use English Vocab to learn IELTS.


Why is vocabulary learning essential for the IELTS exam?

The first preparation for IELTS

A strong vocabulary plays an immensely vital role in effectively tackling the IELTS exam. The IELTS exam demands a proficient and accurate use of vocabulary to comprehend and convey meanings clearly. In fact, the majority of questions across the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections are contingent upon the ability to flexibly and accurately utilize vocabulary.

Mastering vocabulary serves as a pivotal foundation for honing other language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. With a robust vocabulary base, you can approach challenging exercises and questions within the IELTS exam with greater confidence.


Use English Vocab to learn IELTS

Vocabulary augments other skills

A diverse vocabulary assists not only in comprehending the content of varied texts in the Reading section but also in identifying crucial details in Listening segment. Notably, employing vocabulary accurately and confidently within the Writing section is pivotal for showcasing your creativity and logical prowess.

Moreover, in the Speaking section, a rich vocabulary empowers you to articulate opinions and respond to questions naturally. This not only demonstrates your adeptness in utilizing vocabulary flexibly but also showcases your ability to pronounce words correctly and speak fluently.

Enhancing comprehension of context and content

Vocabulary enhances your understanding of the context and content of passages, presentations, lectures, or dialogues within the Listening and Reading sections. Profound contextual understanding aids in answering questions accurately and confidently.


Learn vocab to improve IELTS skills

How to use the English Vocab to learn IELTS?

The English Vocab app is a distinctive vocabulary learning tool that facilitates effective and engaging vocabulary acquisition. Below are some ways you can use English Vocab to learn IELTS vocabulary:

Vocabulary by topics

English Vocab empowers you to select vocabulary themes tailored to your learning needs, encompassing popular IELTS subjects such as “Education,” “Technology,” “Environment,” alongside diverse topics like “Travel,” “Business,” and more. This enables focused vocabulary acquisition for specific exam sections. This is one reason why you should use English Vocab to learn IELTS.


English Vocab with diverse topics

Detailed definition

The app provides comprehensive word explanations in English and other languages, facilitating a clearer grasp of meanings and contextual usage. Furthermore, specific illustrative examples elucidate how vocabulary is employed in specific sentences.


English Vocab definition

Space repetition and quizzes

Utilizing the “space repetition” technique, English Vocab ensures efficient vocabulary review, preventing the forgetting of learned words. You can add words to your “Wishlist” for revisiting until mastery is achieved. Additionally, the app features quizzes that aid in revisiting and assessing your daily progress.


English Vocab provides quizzes with pictures and sound

In the pursuit of conquering the IELTS exam, vocabulary learning is a pivotal key to unlocking success. The English Vocab app will accompany you in building a solid vocabulary foundation and elevating your English language skills, bolstering your confidence to confront any challenges within the exam. Use English Vocab to learn IELTS today!

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