How to get 600+ TOEIC score through self-study in 3 months

Today, I received my TOEIC test results, and I achieved 600+ TOEIC score. 655 is the score I worked diligently for over the span of 3 months, even though I had little knowledge of the English language.

About three months ago, I decided to challenge myself by setting a goal to raise my TOEIC score above 600. Having limited vocabulary, grammar, and even pronunciation skills posed entirely new challenges for me. Therefore, I explored effective study and exam preparation methods, and I want to share them with you.

My 655 toeic result after 3 months

1.Set clear goals

Initially, lacking confidence in my abilities, I hesitated to set high goals. Considering my foundational English level, achieving a TOEIC score of 500 would have been a success. However, I wanted to push myself and gauge my potential. Thus, I set a goal of 600+ TOEIC score. This specific and clear target motivated me strongly. Whatever you do, remember to set goals! Specific and clear objectives serve as stepping stones for greater achievements.

2.Develop a reasonable plan

Breaking down larger goals into smaller steps, such as vocabulary, grammar, listening practice, etc., made it more manageable. Each skill was tackled on different days to prevent overwhelming myself with too many tasks at once.

3.Learning vocabulary

Every day, I dedicated a minimum of 2-3 hours to vocabulary learning using vocabulary learning apps, flashcards, and study materials. Recently, I discovered the English Vocab app, which provides vocabulary by theme and offers quiz reviews closely aligned with TOEIC vocabulary. Thanks to English Vocab, I found vocabulary acquisition faster and retention longer-lasting. Vocabulary learning became more engaging and enjoyable, moving away from the traditional mundane copying method.

English Vocab with diverse topics

4.Listening and Pronunciation Practice

I employed the listening and dictation technique, which proved highly effective in enhancing my focused listening and English reflexes. I listened to TOEIC practice audio and transcribed the content, subsequently checking against the script. This method familiarized me with similar audio patterns encountered in the TOEIC test.

5.Reading and Grammar Practice

I dedicated time to reading books, foreign articles, and completing grammar exercises to reinforce comprehension and reading skills. However, it’s essential to learn new vocabulary before attempting to read. While reading, I encountered numerous new words and immediately looked up their meanings for memorization.

6.Practice with Sample Tests

After building a solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar, I started practicing with official ETS TOEIC sample tests, closely resembling the actual exam. As I observed progress, my motivation soared. When faced with difficulties, recalling my goal and efforts kept me pushing forward.

Sample Test for TOEIC

In the end, after 3 months, I achieved 600+ TOEIC score. This journey transformed my confidence in communication and understanding of the English language, positively impacting my life.

This experience reaffirms that nothing is impossible with determination and patience. I hope my story inspires and encourages those striving to overcome language barriers.

Wishing you all success in your learning endeavors and overcoming challenges!

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