Learn vocabulary 15 minutes a day with English Vocab


Written by Toan Vu

August 18, 2023

Are you searching for an effective way to expand your vocabulary without investing too much time? With the English Vocab app, vocabulary learning becomes not only simple but also engaging, all within a short 15-minute span each day. Here are some suggestions to help you learn vocabulary 15 minutes a day using English Vocab.

Why we should use English Vocab for learning vocabulary?

English Vocab isn’t just a normal vocabulary app; it serves as a powerful ally in conquering complex vocabulary. This app provides detailed and comprehensive word explanations in both English and various other languages. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of word meanings and their applications. Additionally, English Vocab incorporates vivid images, sounds, and interactive quizzes that make vocabulary retention a breeze.


Learn vocabulary 15 minutes a day with English Vocab app

Learn vocabulary 15 minutes a day with English Vocab

Set specific goals:

As you may know, insufficient vocabulary is a major hurdle for many English learners in achieving fluency in speaking and understanding. When you lack an adequate vocabulary, your English proficiency is likely to stagnate, regardless of how much effort you put into studying. 

Before you begin, define specific daily vocabulary learning goals. By setting achievable targets, such as learning a certain number of new words or focusing on a particular theme, you can tailor your learning approach effectively.


Set specific goals

Learn vocabulary by topics:

Select a vocabulary theme to concentrate on each day. English Vocab offers a diverse array of over 70 topics closely related to daily life, including colors, weather, nature, animals, and more, ranging from basic to advanced levels. Learning based on themes enables you to acquire vocabulary that is relevant and easily applicable to real-life situations. Moreover, topic learning facilitates the connections between words, enhancing your memory retention.


English Vocab with diverse topics

Time segmentation:

First 5 Minutes

Discover word meanings and examples: Dedicate at least the first 5 minutes to understanding the meanings of the chosen vocabulary words. Explore definitions and examine illustrative examples. This step provides insight into the contextual usage of each word, enhancing your comprehension of their nuances.

Next 5 Minutes

Review with quiz: After grasping word meanings, spend the next 5 minutes engaging in quizzes for reinforcement and memory recall. This active recall practice solidifies your knowledge and ensures that you retain the learned words effectively.

Last 5 Minutes

Apply in conversation and sentence construction: Utilize the final 5 minutes to apply what you’ve learned. Despite the short duration, the knowledge you gain in this session is more substantial than you might anticipate. By incorporating newly acquired vocabulary into brief conversations or crafting sentences, you reinforce memory and significantly enhance your language utilization skills.


Vocabulary learning is no longer a time-consuming or challenging endeavor. Learn vocabulary 15 minutes a day, you can efficiently and flexibly expand your vocabulary. Embark on an intelligent learning journey with English Vocab today, and effortlessly embrace language mastery in an engaging and exciting manner!

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