4 benefits of learning vocabulary by topics with English Vocab

English is not just a widely spoken language worldwide, but also a key that unlocks numerous opportunities for education, careers, and communication. While various methods of learning English are available across the internet, one popular and widely applied approach is learning vocabulary by topics. In this article, Techlead will highlight the 4 benefits of learning vocabulary by topics and shed light on some common topics available on the English Vocab app.


Benefits of learning vocabulary by topics with English Vocab

1. Enhance imagination and retention

Enhance imagination and retention is one of the benefits of learning vocabulary by topics. Learning English through topics involves delving into and using vocabulary words related to a specific theme or connected concepts. This approach encourages creative thinking and imagination, as learners find ways to link ideas together. Associating new information with images, personal experiences, and contexts significantly boosts the ability to remember and apply knowledge effectively.

Learning vocabulary by topics enhance imagination and retention

2. Improve English reflexes

Fluency in spoken English depends heavily on having quick reflexes to respond and pronounce accurately. A rich vocabulary is a crucial component in achieving this. Accumulating related vocabulary enriches the brain’s ability to search for and predict words swiftly during English conversations. This saves time that would otherwise be spent searching for meanings and usage, making use of previously accumulated vocabulary almost automatic.

A mother helps her daughter with homework.
A mother helps her daughter with English homework.

3. Long-lasting memorization

Many English learners find themselves forgetting what they learned over the years, even after going through school exams. A common reason for this is the traditional approach of rote memorization using disjointed flashcards or mechanical repetition. Learning vocabulary based on topics entails studying closely related words and phrases. When the brain needs to retrieve information, it does so more easily and efficiently, as it requires less time and effort. A few key words can lead to remembering an entire cluster of related vocabulary.

Learning vocabulary by topics increase memorization

4. Inspiring learning experience

Learning English through isolated words can become monotonous, while adopting a topic-based approach breathes new life into the process. Learners can select topics they are passionate about to study in advance. For example, if you’re into interior design or cuisine, you can find short clips or articles related to these subjects to learn vocabulary. Studies show that a vocabulary of around 3,000 words covering common topics is sufficient for proficient English communication. What’s intriguing is that learning vocabulary based on topics provides vivid illustrated examples, making the learning process more engaging and motivating.

Learning vocabulary by topics increase inspiration

Some Common Topics in English Vocab

Basic vocabulary Topics

Basic topics are an essential part of learning any language, and English is no exception. These topics cover the foundational concepts and vocabulary that are necessary for communication in everyday life. By mastering these basic topics, learners can begin to communicate in English with confidence and build a strong foundation for more advanced language learning. In this article, we will explore the basic topics covered by English Vocab:  Nature, Weather, Color, Part of the body, Family, Feeling, Sport, Music …

Basic vocabulary topic by English Vocab

Advanced vocabulary Topics

As learners progress in their English language learning journey, they may want to explore more complex and specialized topics that are relevant to their personal interests or professional goals. These advanced topics cover a range of subjects, such as business, technology, science, and literature. By mastering advanced topics, learners can expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, and communicate more effectively in specific contexts. Besides the basic vocabulary, we will explore the other type of vocabulary topics that is considered as ‘advanced topics covered in English Vocab: Universe, Transportation, Information Technology, Fitness and health, Social media, Stress …

Advance vocabulary topic by English Vocab

Compared to traditional learning methods, there are numerous benefits of learning vocabulary by topics. Learning English isn’t just about acquiring a new language; it brings forth a plethora of benefits for personal development. Therefore, remember to practice with English Vocab every day to build up a vast vocabulary treasury for yourself.

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