How to learn Multiplication and Division Tables


Written by Toan Vu

August 28, 2023

To learn multiplication and division tables is a foundational skill in mathematics that forms the basis for more advanced concepts. As children progress in their mathematical journey, having a strong grasp of these tables becomes increasingly essential. In this article, we will explore the importance of mastering multiplication and division tables and share some effective techniques to help children learn and retain them with ease.


What is Multiplication and Division Tables

Multiplication and division tables are systematic arrangements of numbers that depict the results of multiplying or dividing a number by another. These tables serve as quick references, enabling students to perform calculations efficiently. Learn Multiplication and Division Tables is crucial for developing mental math skills, aiding problem-solving, and building a strong mathematical foundation.


Multiplication and Division Tables

Why should children learn Multiplication and Division Tables?

Enhanced Problem-Solving: Proficiency in multiplication and division tables streamlines problem-solving processes, allowing students to tackle complex equations with confidence.

Speed and Accuracy: Mastering these tables improves calculation speed and accuracy, which is valuable in both academic and real-life scenarios.

Preparation for Advanced Math: Proficiency in multiplication and division is necessary for more advanced math topics like fractions, algebra, and geometry.


Children learn times tables

Effective techniques to learn Multiplication and Division Tables

Using Basic Math App

The Basic Math app offers a structured and interactive platform for learning multiplication and division tables. Its engaging lessons and practice exercises help children grasp these concepts in an enjoyable way.


Basic Math app

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Finger Multiplication and Division

Teach children how to use their fingers to count and visualize multiplication and division. This hands-on approach enhances their understanding of the relationships between numbers.


learn Multiplication and Division Tables with hands

Learning through songs and videos

For children who are just beginning to learn math or multiplication tables, parents can use songs to help them learn more easily and memorize better. By repeating the song daily with a fun melody, children will find it easier to remember and internalize the content. 


Teach your child learn Math at home through videos

Using Commutative properties of multiplication

This is considered one of the methods that helps children learn multiplication tables easily and faster. Specifically, instead of learning the multiplication tables in order, 1, 2, 3,… parents can teach their children by swapping, such as 3 x 5 = 5 x 3, 6 x 8 = 8 x 6,… This will help children understand and memorize the knowledge more quickly.

Commutative properties of multiplication

Commutative properties of multiplication

Visual aids and creative images

According to scientific evidence, children tend to remember images better than text. Therefore, parents can use creatively designed and adorable multiplication tables images to make learning more engaging for their children. These visual cues stimulate memory retention and make learning enjoyable.


Teach your child learn Math at home through games


Teaching children to learn multiplication and division tables is a valuable skill that paves the way for mathematical success. Empower your child to embrace these techniques and embark on a journey of mathematical discovery, confidence, and proficiency. With the right tools and strategies, learning multiplication and division tables can be an exciting and rewarding experience that sets the stage for lifelong mathematical achievement.

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