What is Auto Clicker? 9 features of Auto Clicker app


Written by Toan Vu

September 12, 2023

Are you often frustrated with repetitive tasks that must be performed over an extended period? Do you wish for a tool that can assist you with these tasks? Auto Clicker is a unique application developed by Techlead with the aim of automating mouse clicks or screen taps on your mobile device. Below, we will explore 9 features of Auto Clicker.


1. Automated clicks

Auto Clicker is a mobile application developed by Techlead that allows you to perform automated clicks or screen taps. With this capability, you can simulate clicks or screen taps, thus automating tasks and activities.

2. Customizable automation with timing

Customizable automation with timing is one of the features of Auto Clicker. Auto Clicker enables you to automate actions such as clicks, taps, or screen touches at any location on your mobile device’s screen. More importantly, you can set the time intervals between each click to ensure flexibility and precision in automation.


Auto Clicker screen

3. No root access required

One of the significant features of Auto Clicker is that it does not require root access on your device. This means you can use the app on non-rooted devices without the need for complex setup procedures to activate automation features.

4. Game support

Auto Clicker proves to be particularly useful for repetitive tasks in gaming. Instead of continuously tapping the screen, you can use Auto Clicker to perform these tasks, saving you time and enhancing your gaming experience.

5. Single and multi-target click modes

Conditional Clicking: Enable conditional clicking based on specific on-screen elements or conditions. For example, you can set the Auto Clicker to click on an item only when it appears or changes color.

Sequential Clicking: Create complex sequences of clicks where each click depends on the outcome of the previous one. This can be useful for automating intricate tasks with multiple steps.

Auto Clicker screen

6. Swipe support for automated drag-and-drop actions

Gesture Recording: Implement a gesture recording feature that allows users to record their own swipe and drag actions, which can then be played back automatically.

Precision Swiping: Enhance the accuracy of swipes by allowing users to specify start and end points, as well as the speed and direction of the swipe.

7. Anti-detection mode

Randomized Click Patterns: Introduce a feature that randomizes the timing and location of clicks to make it even more challenging for detection mechanisms in games or apps to identify automated actions.

Notification Alerts: Send notifications or warnings to the user if the app detects that it may be at risk of detection, allowing them to adjust settings accordingly.

8. Configuration sharing via Driver

Cloud Sync: Enable users to sync their Auto Clicker configurations across multiple devices through cloud storage, ensuring seamless use across different platforms.

Sharing Templates: Allow users to share their predefined click configurations with others, fostering a community where users can exchange automation strategies and settings.

Auto Clicker app

9. Auto-stop timer

Dynamic Timing: Implement the ability to adjust the auto-stop timer dynamically based on user activity or the progress of the task. This ensures that Auto Clicker stops when it’s no longer needed.

Scheduled Automation: Enable users to schedule when Auto Clicker starts and stops, making it even more convenient for tasks that need to be performed at specific times.


Auto Clicker is a versatile and powerful application that empowers you to automate actions on your mobile device. With 9 features of Auto Clicker, it is an indispensable tool for individuals looking to save time and boost productivity in their mobile device usage. Download and install Auto Clicker today to optimize the performance of your smartphone!

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