4 highlighted features of Basic Math


Written by Toan Vu

August 24, 2023

Mathematics is a beneficial and practical subject that shapes children’s cognitive skills, providing a solid foundation for personal development and future success. Basic Math is a mobile math learning application designed to foster mathematical thinking in your child right from the preschool years. Let’s explore the 4 features of Basic Math!

Features of Basic Math: Tables with Multiplication and Division

The Basic Math app introduces a diverse lesson library, often referred to as the multiplication and division times tables. It focuses on two crucial mathematical concepts: multiplication and division. These lessons are meticulously crafted for clear and straightforward practice, covering multiplication and division of numbers from 0 to 11. This approach helps your child grasp the techniques behind these fundamental operations.

multiplication-times- tables

Features of Basic Math: Multiplication times table

Features of Basic Math: Self-Practice Exercises

To help you monitor your child’s learning progress and facilitate incremental improvement, Basic Math features self-practice exercises organized by units of knowledge. These exercises are thoughtfully arranged according to specific knowledge units, enabling immediate reinforcement after learning. Beneath the questions, you’ll find guiding ellipses that encourage your child to not only think in terms of numbers but also develop logical and visual reasoning skills. You can freely choose exercises that match your child’s skill level and learning objectives, from simple to complex. Whether your child is just beginning or has already grasped basic arithmetic, the app provides suitable practice exercises tailored to their proficiency level.


Basic Math: Practice

Features of Basic Math: Test

Testing knowledge is an integral part of ensuring your child has a solid grasp of fundamental concepts. We offer a diverse test question library with engaging questions for your child to challenge themselves with. Each test comprises ten questions, with a time limit for each. Your child will experience a true test-like environment, challenging their own abilities. From shorter quizzes to comprehensive tests, you’ll always have the opportunity to assess your child’s strengths and uncover areas that need improvement.


Basic Math: Test

Features of Basic Math: Training Games

We understand that children’s attention spans can waver and boredom can set in quickly. This is why we believe that learning mathematics should seamlessly combine education and play, transforming mundane math lessons into exciting experiences. Therefore, we’ve developed a series of skill-enhancing games that provide your child with entertainment after their math lessons. These games not only help consolidate learned concepts but also offer relaxation and mental stimulation after demanding study sessions. Currently, Basic Math integrates two games, “Power Memo” and “Find Pair,” designed to enhance memory and concentration skills in a fun and engaging manner.


Basic Math: Training Games

In the era of technological advancements and artificial intelligence, we, as parents, need to equip our children with cognitive skills and awareness from an early age. Foundational math knowledge is the key to your child’s development and confidence in facing new challenges. The Basic Math app is more than an educational tool; it’s a steadfast companion on your child’s journey to master mathematics. Start today and let the Basic Math app bring continuous progress and boundless joy to your child’s mathematical learning journey!

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