Is testing really as simple as people think?

Most people mistakenly think that Tester is a simple, easy job and has a stable income. It is true that there is a stable income but in reality it is not as simple as you think

Is testing as simple as people think?

Just because I think it’s simple, there are many misconceptions about the profession that lead to a lot of people in the industry switching, walking a distance, or leaving or working and disillusioned about the leisure of the profession.

Tester has never been a leisurely profession (in my opinion), as a Tester you must learn and master the most basic knowledge of software to have a good understanding.

Here are a few factors for you to understand if you are really suitable for the profession (Apart from the factors of professional issues and foreign languages)

1. Love and use experience many types of software
_It is very simple because you must have a love and use of software, know many types of software to be able to give your opinion and thinking about software errors, the good and the bad on the software you use.

2. Persistence and meticulous personality: As a Tester, you need to have a meticulous perseverance, the nature of work is a series of repetitive work to find errors.

3. Serious and attentive working attitude: Thoroughly prepare the work, seriously and properly, work with a plan to complete the project and complete the group’s common goals.

4. Understand everything: Understand your products and services to maximize their use efficiency to bring the best experience to customers when handing over products

5. Ability to communicate, convey ideas and communication content: As a Tester, you are required to have a good communication skill, convey good ideas because you have to work with the team, force Bugs to give change, describe how to reproduce for Dev fix, exchange and clarify functional requirements, business flow with BA, report to PM, support new members…

6. Always ask and ask questions: The ability to always ask is also essential, always ask why is it like this? Why should the user do that? can i do it differently…
It is a fact that, the more questions a Tester asks, the more potential bugs and cases that have not been thought of and appreciated in the working process and the opportunity for advancement in the unit.

7. Finally controllability:
_Control project progress
_Control the progress of the bug fix, evaluate the importance of the bug
_Control project documents (SRS updates, Testcases, Test Report, work results)

From there, I know if I am suitable for the job or not? Are you persistent enough to follow the profession or not? Is it really suitable for the job?

There are many factors and reasons to consider whether you are a good fit for the profession and whether your perception of the profession is correct. To be as practical and intuitive as possible, TechLead now organizes a practical Tester training course at the enterprise for career-oriented students.

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