Introduce about Find Pair game


Find Pair game well-known is a classic, intellectual, easy-to-play and

interesting game genre. The game is loved by many players, especially

students and office workers because it has the challenge of increasing

through each round and strong anti-stress ability.




Inspired by the diverse worldview of children, the game is designed and built with rich colors and themes. With each different theme, players will, in turn, conquer levels from easy to difficult and to pass each round, your task is to quickly, quickly, apply the memory to open the box and find the same animals. Remember that the faster you complete each round, the higher your score.



If you want to have 15 minutes of entertainment without affecting

your study or work time as well as to stimulate thinking, Find Pair game

is a perfect choice. In addition, Find Pair game also supports users to

name the topic the way they want. Build themes with your own name

in the way you like and experience the Find Pair game!


Note: The app game is currently public on IOS and Android operating system with the name Find Pair and the developer is Trong Tran The.

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