Story about new team – just beginning!

Written by Trong Tran The

January 21, 2016

In the new days of 2016, eXo announced the decision to close the eXo Platform SEA base where Platform and other eXo products were developed after its ten operational years at Vietnam. Just recall that one year before, JBoss RedHat confirmed the end of the service of GateIn – the Java Portal based on eXo Kernel.

The announcement stunned almost employees in Vietnam and immediately caused a chaos. But Trong Tran, the eXo-side Project Leader of GateIn,  felt totally free to build  a new team in the Vietnam outsourcing land. He gave his idea to his teammates. Tuyen Nguyen, a young guy but with a pretty startup failure experience 🙂 simply gave him a Yes smile.

Then Trong re-called one of his ex-teammates, Tan Pham. Tan has been a Dev freelancer for 5 years. Being friends for many years, they did not need to talk much. “I’m in. Just give me a month to finish some leftovers”, said Tan.

Trong, who always requires for high-quality assurance in any piece of deliverance, now looked for another gap. In the office which was left quite empty by the depressed employees, he saw Giang Tran, the test leader and a potential BA still sitting there working as if nothing in the world could interrupt her tests. They had a strange conversation:

– No money in next 3 months and I promise nothing.
– But I need a workplace.
– Of course, you’ll go find it.

Then Giang took care of hiring a workplace for the team, while Trong thought of a “material” that makes the team younger. His idea was to recruit a brilliant student but when he talked with Chau Tran, the oldest guy in the office, surprising him when Chau said: “Why not me? I can be an internship”.

They agreed, because in Hanoi, developers agree everything when they sit on a street side drinking ice-tea 🙂




So now, the guys are getting into an adventure. They believe in their professionalism that certainly wins awaiting challenges.

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