TechLead is a Software Development outsourcing company in Vietnam, we dedicate ourselves to your success. We provide the most optimal Hire Node.Js developers in VietNam service for your projects.

Why TechLead to get your competent node.js developers?

TechLead with a team of experienced and professional Node.js engineers, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality IT outsourcing services at the most competitive prices in the market.

Minimize costs

Hiring Node.js engineers in Vietnam helps you save costs compared to hiring employees in developed countries.

Data security

We are committed to protecting your project’s data in absolute safety with the most advanced security measures.


We always listen to our customers’ needs and do our best to meet all requests in the most effective way.

Effective communication

Our engineers have good English communication skills, helping to ensure smooth cooperation between both parties.

Quick project launch

We can launch your project in just 3 working days.

Professional project management

We ensure your project is always tightly managed, on schedule and completed on time.

How TechLead works on your requirement to hire Node.JS developers

Collect data from users

It is important to establish an understanding between the customer and the IT outsourcing team through communication channels such as email, meetings or forms.

 Analyze and make specific plans

The external Node.JS team creates actionable strategies aligned with long-term goals to deliver a successful project outcome, with all customer requirements documented.


System architecture design phase where the backbone of the project is developed using internal designs for product modules.


Implement coding using Agile methods and Scrum meetings to improve productivity and system integration.


Node.JS software developers and engineers test core functions such as operational aspects, local installation, text input, cybersecurity, and adaptability to identify and fix problems.

Upgrade and expand scale

The Node.JS team tweaks and enhances the following software implementation to ensure optimal performance. Ongoing deployment and maintenance services are provided for ongoing support.

Participation model

Dedicated team of node.js talents

Collaborate with TechLead to assemble outsourcing software developers specialized in Node.JS. Join us to create a Node.js team to help you complete your project.

Get your node.js team augmented

Our professional Node.js developers can help you troubleshoot your project issues


TechLead’s set of technologies for eCommerce industry

Front end






















Google Cloud

Navigating Our Engagement Models

We are proud to introduce a team of leading software developers with extensive expertise and extensive experience in many technology fields, always ready to bring the most optimal and advanced software solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a very effective IT outsourcing model that can bring significant benefits to a business. This model is ideal for businesses that need to fill temporary staffing gaps or require specialized skills for certain project phases. Businesses can access global talent and maintain cost control over resources.

The employee growth model not only helps businesses reduce costs for the recruitment process but also helps businesses focus on their current important tasks.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • Diversity of jobs and roles
  • Need support for diverse projects
  • Continuous and complex tasks

Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated development team model is a scalable model that provides a unique solution for long-term projects that require extensive collaboration and high commitment. In this model, our team acts as an extension of your internal team, focusing exclusively on the project at hand and delivering outstanding benefits such as strong collaboration, working towards a common goal. Common goals and a strong focus on expertise help ensure project quality.

The model is suitable for businesses:

Have a long-term project
Need long-term cooperation partners and a dedicated team
Businesses need economical solutions

Fixed Price Model

Experience TechLead’s diverse software development services with a fixed price model. The fixed price model is a convenient payment option for businesses with a clear vision for their project. With this model, customers pay a fixed amount for predetermined time and work.

Despite applying a fixed price model, TechLead is committed to ensuring the quality of the final product and meeting the project schedule. Our team of experienced engineers is always willing to provide the most innovative, flexible and quality solutions.

The model is suitable for businesses:

  • The project has a fixed and clear scope
  • Ability to predict and manage risks
  • Long-term partner and trusted relationship

Contact with TechLead

Describe your project and needs of software engineering in short and discuss the ways of collaboration with our team