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English Vocab – AI Quiz is a great English learning app for kids and beginners in improving vocabulary. The app offers new English words categorized by topic, along with quizzes to help with longer review and memorization!

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The quizzes help you feel like learning and playing at the same time.

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Vivid images and clear sounds, making memorization faster and longer.

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The app helps you “think in English” right from the moment you learn and develop your ability to think in English.

Learn new words by topic, level

Vocabulary is arranged according to familiar topics in everyday life and gradually increases in difficulty.

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1. Từ vựng đa dạng theo chủ đề


2. Vừa học vừa chơi với những câu quiz giúp ghi nhớ tốt hơn


3. Dễ dàng thiết lập danh sách từ vựng mong muốn


4. Ghi nhớ lâu hơn với hình ảnh
minh họa

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