Who should use Auto Clicker

You are a person who often has to work on the phone with repetitive tasks.

You love to play games but don’t have time to plow continuously.

You need an app that helps you automatically perform operations on your phone quickly and accurately.

Benefits of using Auto Clicker

Automation when gaming

Auto Clicker software will be extremely suitable for games that need to click a lot of times to perform a task

No lags or crashes

Auto Clicker software will not occur lag when setting up too many operations or after a long time of operation

Completely free

You can download and use Auto Clicker completely free. In addition, during use, you do not need to pay for account registration or usage fees.


Auto Clicker is an auto-click software for phones based on user settings. Users can install single-point click, multi-point click, screen swipe … with arbitrary placement and clicks

Single click and multi-target modes

You can choose the number of clicks arbitrarily when installing

Swipe support

More than just monotonous with clickability,
You can also have omnidirectional control
with glide feature


From now on, you can comfortably use AutoClick without worrying about being hindered by the anti cheating of other applications

Share configuration via Driver

With profile sharing via Drive, you can change multiple devices without wasting time resetting profiles

Save settings configuration

You will no longer have to repeat configuration settings every time you use it, just open the app and select the previously saved profile

Automatic stop timer

You can set a stop timer for auto click operations

Application Screenshot


Feedback from users

David Dung

This app is very good to play some game like minecraft and roblox or some game and yeah, i like this app

Vu Quoc Toan

App rất hay chơi game đỡ mỏi tay dễ vượt map ELDorado rất tuyệt. Nó giúp tôi chơi game Roblox không cần click

Pham Duc Long

Nice dành cho ae nào chơi prison mc tự động đào nè. Nói chung là 10 điểm nha

Trịnh Thảo My

It helps me plow the game less tired so download
nice !

Charlotte Nguyen

Very good application that will save your hands from having to press for those who play games and don't like to click, download it

Hoàng Văn Hùng

App rất tiện lợi và thú vị , mình rất hài lòng với Auto clicker. 10 điểm ạ

Emily Olsen

This app is very convenient and I really like it. thanks developer

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Frequently asked questions

Download and use Auto Clicker completely free. In addition, during use, you do not need to pay for account registration or usage fees.

Currently, Auto Clicker is only supported on the Google Play store. We are trying to develop this app on the Appstore in the future

You can set a timer when using auto click. Autoclick operations will be stopped according to the user's settings.

Auto Clicker does not require root access, so you absolutely do not need to grant any permissions to be able to use it.

Absolutely. You can still click manually while using Auto Clicker.

Absolutely not. We always ensure the security and safety of our users.

Download Auto Click for free for your phone today!