5 game modes like?

  • There are 5 game modes in which you can practice words – words that you have added to the ‘Want to learn’ list in the ‘Themes’ screen

Step 1 :

  • To access this mode, go to the Home screen and select the Play icon to start

Step 2 :

  • Elements in the game screen
  1. Return
  2. My Daily Goals
  3. Support

4. Turn on/off the meaning of the word

5. Learn more

6. Progress bar

  • Every time you choose the correct answer, the progress bar will fill up until you finish
Mode: Choose the wrong character
  • Based on the images and definitions, choose the wrong letter in the word Example: ‘Computer’, wrong character ‘a’ in word

Mode: Choose the right word

  • Based on the picture and definition, choose 1 correct word out of 4 answers

Mode: Choose pronunciation

  • Based on the pictures and definitions, listen to the pronunciation to choose the correct answer

Mode: Select photo

  • Listen to the pronunciation of the word, then choose the right picture

Mode: Sort characters

  • Based on the images and definitions, arrange the letters into the correct words