Meet our friend, Thibault Clement

In Tet 2016, our friends sent many best wishes to us. Thank you all! Especially, yesterday we were very pleased that Thibault Clement visited us at our new office. Thibault was our colleague at eXo Platform. We worked together in 2 years and he had great contribution to new features of eXo Platform 4, like […]

[Kick-off] The very first working day

We’re back after the Tet Holiday. In Vietnam, there always is a special meet-up in the first working day of the Lunar year. Trong brings some beer, cookies and his homeland’s specialty: “Lì xì” – the lucky money Vietnameses give each other in Tet. To make some fun, Trong puts a random bigger lì xì […]

Ready to start

Today we have finished last works of the preparation for the office. Everything has been cleaned, coffee is ready and everyone will be comfortable to work. Here are some last shots of the office ready before TET holiday   (The eXo Portal label is still there :3)     We will really kick-off the our […]

Almost ready, really !!!

Well, we are really starting to build-up the new working space for the team today. It’s almost ready and here are a few shots what we have done until today. Behind of this nice space is a strong effort from many people who have been exhausted in carrying and arranging stuffs, especially in this terrible […]